PTA Update June 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the PTA was held in March, and the names of the new Ashgrove PTA members are below. A few of the previous members who have since left the school, or could no longer be involved, did a fantastic job and we want to keep that enthusiasm and energy going. Some of us are quite new to this, but we are excited to take it forward!

What do we do?

Essentially, we aim to fundraise as much as we can so we can support our school, while getting fun things in the calendar for our students to look forward to. Lego day, school discos, the summer gala and other fundraisers are just some examples. We really want to try and get some great things happening for our school this year, especially given the tough start to 2020.

How can you help?

If you can spare any time at all, we often need a few hands on deck to help with ideas and organizing things. Volunteering to help doesn’t mean you’ll be given a huge task! We are a group of parent volunteers and understand everyone has busy lives – whatever input you can give will be so valuable! Please can you let us know if you’d like to consider joining the PTA or if you are interested to know about things you could help with. We welcome anyone who would like to be involved!

Please email

Our PTA:

Chairperson – Olivia Crooke
Deputy Chair – Stacey Bruce
Treasurer – Julie McCartney
Deputy Treasurer – Shelley Payton
Secretary – Mel McDonald
Communications Officer – Olivia Crooke
Fundraising Liaison – Officer Amanda Sansom

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